Alex & Christine {married}

As if to add emphasis to the rapidly approaching holidays, the wind blew fiercely on the morning of Alex and Christine’s wedding day. Tucked inside the historic Harrington Inn, however, nothing could diminish the joy of the soon to be married couple. Christine’s suite brimmed with family and attendants as she donned her exquisite dress and prepared to meet her groom on the elegant front staircase.diamondinsetweddingbandA porter1 lacebackbuttonupweddinggownAlex waited excitedly for his bride as family gathered around to witness their first glimpse of each other. waitingtomeetthebride porter2 firstlookBecause their wedding day’s timeline the couple had the entirety of their bridal party and family photos take prior to the ceremony. They moved between two nearby locations, the Harrington Inn and Riverside Receptions. The stunning old architecture positioned on the Fox River provided unique and lovely photos. porter6 porter4Christine, you were the epitome of a radiant bride. Alex is a lucky man! porter9 porter11 porter7 englishbried gazeboweddingphotos fallweddingcouple bridalglamour porter3Don’t let the ease of their smiles fool you! The wind was frigid and temperatures continued to plummet. Clearly this did not diminish their excitement or anticipation for this long awaited day. casualweddingcouple blackandwhiteweddingphotos photojournalisticweddingphotos romanticweddingkiss vintagestyleweddingphotos vintagebridalstyle porter8 porter5Because Alex & Christine took their photos early in the day to accommodate the short amount of daylight they were able to enjoy a leisurely cocktail hour with their guests. Fires blazed on Riverside’s massive stone hearths decorated with twinkling lights, candles and photos of various family members on their wedding days. Ice tinkled in crystal glasses while laughter and warmth illuminated the beautiful, old stone walls – every corner reverberating with happiness as guests congratulated the newlyweds.cocktailhourThe dining room was beautifully appointed with a stunning view of the river and city skyline. Gold details added a warm glow to the tables while the scent of chocolate cake permeated the room. candlelitdiningroom chocolatenakedcakeAlthough incredibly cold and windy, Alex and Christine stepped out into the night for a few more special photos. Together they took a quiet, chilly moment to let all the events of the day sink in. The icy silence interrupted only by the sounds of the river contrasted sharply with the laughter and warmth that spilled out the opened door, a few sweet kisses later Mr. & Mrs. Porter rejoined their guests and danced the night away.porter12Alex & Christine, it was such an honor to be a part of your beautiful day, congratulations!!!


Jim & Traci {engaged}

Jim & Traci are a couple whose depth of true affection and appreciation for each other spills out of every small smile, side-long glance and inside joke. They met as the result of a ‘last ditch effort’ to make a bad experience with worth it’s money before canceling it. An effort both are deeply thankful for! jnt_3For their engagement session Traci wanted to take me on a little walk through their ‘favorites’ in downtown Geneva on 3rd street. We met at Graham’s 318 – the site of their first really ‘official’ date. They quietly sipped cocoa and shared little bits of that first meeting with me. jnt jnt_2Jim chuckled and said he was so excited to meet this radiant, beautiful woman the first time, that he prepped a list of questions on his phone just so he wouldn’t bore her if he became too tongue-tied. He still has the list!!! I forgot to slow my shutter down, but even with the lame black lines (sorry guys!) it made me smile and I wanted to include it in their story.jnt4 jnt_6After finishing their cocoa, they led me across the street to Fiora’s, the Italian restaurant where Jim proposed. I asked him what he was most attracted to in her and of course he said her beauty and style, but also her compassionate nature, humor and intelligence. Clearly, he’s a very intelligent, perceptive man!jnt_10 jnt_9 hnt_7Traci just smiled when I asked her how Jim proposed, she said he wasn’t very subtle and she totally saw it coming, but still was speechless when he dropped to his knees. Jim added a characteristic quiet laugh and said, he didn’t hear her answer so he worriedly asked her a second time to make sure. jnt_8Traci confessed that she knew he was ‘the one’ after their first date – she was immediately drawn to his kind, open nature. He’s honest, intelligent and truly values his faith. He also has great eyes! Fun fact: Jim is a killer electric guitarist and part of a great band.jnt_12 jnt_11We enjoyed strolling up and down 3rd street until dusk, even catching a few photos as the street lights came on. jnt_13jnt_14 jnt_15 jnt_16 jnt_17 Jim & Traci, it was such an honor to hear a bit of your story and watch the love you carry for each other.  We are so thankful for the chance to be a part of that ongoing story on your Wedding Day!!!