Alex & Christine {married}

As if to add emphasis to the rapidly approaching holidays, the wind blew fiercely on the morning of Alex and Christine’s wedding day. Tucked inside the historic Harrington Inn, however, nothing could diminish the joy of the soon to be married couple. Christine’s suite brimmed with family and attendants as she donned her exquisite dress and prepared to meet her groom on the elegant front staircase.diamondinsetweddingbandA porter1 lacebackbuttonupweddinggownAlex waited excitedly for his bride as family gathered around to witness their first glimpse of each other. waitingtomeetthebride porter2 firstlookBecause their wedding day’s timeline the couple had the entirety of their bridal party and family photos take prior to the ceremony. They moved between two nearby locations, the Harrington Inn and Riverside Receptions. The stunning old architecture positioned on the Fox River provided unique and lovely photos. porter6 porter4Christine, you were the epitome of a radiant bride. Alex is a lucky man! porter9 porter11 porter7 englishbried gazeboweddingphotos fallweddingcouple bridalglamour porter3Don’t let the ease of their smiles fool you! The wind was frigid and temperatures continued to plummet. Clearly this did not diminish their excitement or anticipation for this long awaited day. casualweddingcouple blackandwhiteweddingphotos photojournalisticweddingphotos romanticweddingkiss vintagestyleweddingphotos vintagebridalstyle porter8 porter5Because Alex & Christine took their photos early in the day to accommodate the short amount of daylight they were able to enjoy a leisurely cocktail hour with their guests. Fires blazed on Riverside’s massive stone hearths decorated with twinkling lights, candles and photos of various family members on their wedding days. Ice tinkled in crystal glasses while laughter and warmth illuminated the beautiful, old stone walls – every corner reverberating with happiness as guests congratulated the newlyweds.cocktailhourThe dining room was beautifully appointed with a stunning view of the river and city skyline. Gold details added a warm glow to the tables while the scent of chocolate cake permeated the room. candlelitdiningroom chocolatenakedcakeAlthough incredibly cold and windy, Alex and Christine stepped out into the night for a few more special photos. Together they took a quiet, chilly moment to let all the events of the day sink in. The icy silence interrupted only by the sounds of the river contrasted sharply with the laughter and warmth that spilled out the opened door, a few sweet kisses later Mr. & Mrs. Porter rejoined their guests and danced the night away.porter12Alex & Christine, it was such an honor to be a part of your beautiful day, congratulations!!!


Daren & Amanda {married}

Daren and Amanda have a relationship that makes you step back and think ‘they just fit’ – truly, a perfect linking of two hearts uniquely molded together. Their wedding day was stunningly perfect – late fall sunshine poured through every window as Amanda joyfully prepared at their town house. Surrounded by her parents, bridesmaids and several handsome feline friends. Amanda’s attention to detail saturated their wedding day; the moment I stepped through her front door her love of vintage and perfectly coordinating decor made me realize how carefully she’d woven in the things she loves to her wedding day. Every little touch pointed back to the gentle, lovely woman who chose them.clary4 clary1 clary2 clary3 clary5As soon as both parties had arrived at Whitetail Ridge Golf Club, Daren was set for the couple’s first look. Amanda approached him slowly and it was one of the most peaceful and sincere first looks we’ve ever witnessed. So many emotions led up to this moment and their reactions were priceless.
The couple enjoyed a few quiet moments together before their bridal party joined them. We had so much fun with this group. The sunshine and warm breeze made it feel like summer!
C4C5C8C11clary8 clary7C6clary_9C10C7C12CLARY GIRLSC9Weather for an outdoor wedding in October is always hard to predict – this day could not have been more perfect. Daren and Amanda were surrounded by their family and friends on Whitetails back patio as they became husband and wife, in a heartfelt ceremony. clary12Shortly after the ceremony, the couple snuck out to catch a few photos with the most gorgeous sunset. The views at Whitetail were breathtaking. clary11 clary_10 clary13
Daren and Amanda were surrounded by their family and friends on Whitetails back patio as they became husband and wife, in a heartfelt ceremony. Shortly after the ceremony, the couple snuck out to catch a few photos with the most gorgeous sunset. The views at Whitetail were breathtaking.
c17c16As the sun sunk below the horizon, Daren and Amanda returned to their reception ready to celebrate the night away. clary 14
Such a happy day surrounded by so much admiration and love for each other. We loved being a small part of it. We are so happy for you two and wish you all the best. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for you two!

Derek + Brianna | married

Derek and Brianna’s share something unique – a mirthful connection that’s brimming just below the surface that they bring out in each other at a moments notice. Their wedding day was true to form full of laughter and took place on a chilly fall day at the newly renovated Fisherman’s Inn in Elburn, Illinois.
12Bri was surrounded with her mom and bridesmaids as she prepared to meet Derek – partially through her uncle called her out to the hallway where he had a special gift for her – a beautiful heirloom necklace, and a gentle hug followed by sweet congratulations.
171819Derek had plenty of help getting ready to meet his lovely bride, and everyone gathered excitedly at the foot of the staircase waiting for their special moment to unfold.ha
Brianna excitedly flew down the stairs to meet her groom to the cheers of their bridal party and family. The chilly wind and threatening storm clouds did nothing to diminish their enthusiasm.
The venue has gorgeous grounds that Derek, Brianna, and their awesome bridal party bravely explored in spite of the wind and cold.
1213hi611109hi7hi13hi5ahi1ahi116hi253hi6a64hi11hi4Derek is a fireman (as were several groomsmen). We loved all of the touches of the ‘firefighter’ theme they incorporated into their wedding, especially this antique fire truck.
hi7bhi987hi7ahi7chi8hi10hi12Even though it was a lot colder than what you would expect for the first weekend of October, we were so happy the couple still decided to go forward with their outdoor wedding (don’t let the photos fool you – it’s so much colder than it looks!) They were such troopers!
After a night full of love, dancing, and so much celebrating, Derek and Brianna exited their reception through a sidewalk full of family and friends cheering with sparklers and ended the night with this sweet kiss.
What a fun night! Derek and Brianna, we were so happy to capture and celebrate your love with you. We wish you a lifetime of happiness together!

Jim & Traci {married}

We love weddings and get to capture many stunning ones regularly, but a beautiful wedding doesn’t result in a successful marriage – that takes time, sacrifice, grace, forgiveness and so much more. Today’s blog post details the perfect combination of a beautiful wedding that will truly result in a stunning marriage. Jim & Traci, the love you share, the deep regard for Christ and each other, your intentional kindness add up to the ultimate combination for a very happy marriage. It was such an honor to capture your day, many thanks!!!

Traci began her day with the perfect bouquet, great hair and fabulous jewelry, surrounded by her mother, aunt and bridal party. After completing the last touches she slipped out behind the church to meet Jim under a massive, gnarled tree for one of our favorite first looks of the year. 2 3 19The perfect light, their love and the best few quiet moments together before walking down the aisle. This is why we love when our couples opt to see each other before their ceremony!21 d1 20 d3 One last squeeze and they parted; seeing each other before Traci walked down the aisle diminished none of the joy and emotion in Jim’s face when she joined him at the altar. 18 4 17After a beautiful ceremony their wedding party joined them for photos at LeRoy Oaks, complete with a perfect stone cottage and lots of September sunshine. 16 15 13 d6 d5 d4 10 d11 14 d12 9 d8 d10 d9 d7 12 11 d14Mr. & Mrs. Dunne joined their guests at Royal Fox Country Club for a fabulous Gatsby themed reception. Traci jokes she is a detail person and the evening reflected her attention to each aspect. 1 8 7 d15We pulled the happy couple out for a few last photos at sunset. It can sometimes feel like your having photos taken all day long, but even five minutes can result in a few more captured memories that will truly be worth it at the end of the day.  5 d16 6Jim & Traci, we’re so thankful for allowing us to be a part of your day and pray God’s richest blessings in many happy years together!

*To read more of Jim & Traci’s story, click here!

David & Jenny {married}

David & Jenny are an incredible couple – the story of how they came to be, and the road that lead to it are equally so. Through many twists, turns and the ever unexpected loop life brings David one day found himself sitting down to a table during a lunch break at a youth pastor’s conference. Across from him was beautiful brunette with sparkling eyes. Before he could think of a way to start conversation another person sat down and began to talk. As lunch drew to a close David scrambled to think of a way he could try to connect with the lovely lady across the table from him without (in his words) “being creepy.” Little did he know Jenny was hoping they would talk as well. They managed a few words to each other around their talkative table mate but that was about it. As they all stood up at the end of lunch David turned and asked what she thought of the conference AND for her email address since they didn’t have time to talk about it further. As he drove home he mentally berated himself for not thinking of something better, but a few days later he gathered his courage and shot her an email. A week or two later Jenny came home from their first date to tell call a friend saying “I just met the man I’m going to marry!” A few months, many dates and phone calls late into the night, David asked Jenny if she would be up for helping a photographer friend of his (me!) fill up her last winter mini-session. Jenny obligingly agreed and the wheels were set in motion for a perfect proposal. (You can see that here) Their wedding day was the opposite of that cold, February chill, but their love for each other had only grown and taken on dimension.j1Jenny dressed for the day amid laughter and quiet strains of worship music as her mom, sister and bridesmaids bustled around in anticipation. Exclamations over her grandmothers pearls, a quick text from David and funny little inside jokes filled the air. j2So much love and joy ran smack into each other the first moments they saw each other as Jenny’s father escorted her down the aisle.  t1It’s been said we can’t truly understand the full height of joy without experiencing the depth of pain in life’s valleys. I’ve never watched a more perfect picture of that saying unfold as this moment. t2Jenny & David were married in the church where David works as a youth minister. Several talented young musicians whose lives David has impacted provided incredible music, after which David had a surprise for Jenny – instead of proceeding with vows he walked over and played this. Other mentors, family and friends participated in the ceremony and their love for David & Jenny tinged every word spoken, read and sung.t3.8 t3.5After the ceremony we traveled to the nearby Harris Forest Preserve where their wedding party filled the next half hour with even more laughter – and snacks. It was the first time we’ve ever been offered scotch-a-roos while taking pictures! t7 t3.9 t9 t6 t7.5 t16 t5 t4 t3 t8Seriously, if Jenny sat across from you, you’d want to talk to her too. Not just because kindness bubbles out of her friendly smile and the easy way she initiates conversation, but those eyes are amazing. David, you’re a blessed man! t9.5 t12 t15.5 t10 t14.5 t12.5 t10.5 t15 t16.5 t13 t11 t14 t15.6 t17The new Mr. & Mrs. Thanepohn arrived at the Kendall County Fairgrounds and danced their way into a warm summer night. We stepped out for a few final photos as the sun begin to set and it was the perfect summation of their wedding day. Laughter. Joy. Contentment. Gratitude. We pray God continues to fill your lives increasingly with each of those attributes. We’re unbelievably happy for you! Congratulations!!! t18

Chris & Caitlyn {married}

High school sweethearts, best friends, husband & wife. Chris & Caitlyn have been a part of our family’s lives for the past 7 years. I’ve watched them grow, change and adapt as their relationship has endured each new challenge. Such an honor to have the chance to photograph this next step as they become a Mr. & Mrs.!1 2 As her mom, mother-in-law, sisters and friends bustled around her on the morning of her wedding, Caitlyn exuded joy in every excited glance and happy laugh. 3 4 5 6 7 8.5 8Chris & Caitlyn were joined by their hilarious wedding party and the celebrating that began with the excitement of getting ready in the morning, saying “I do” in the afternoon, and joking through photographs then stretched into hours of laughter and dancing the night away. 9 10 11 13 14.5 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31Chris & Caitlyn’s families did an awesome job decorating the Kendall County Fairgrounds and after a great meal, some handcrafted treats and signature drinks, the Ethan Bell Band provided plenty of music and fun. Caitlyn’s grandmother made their cake and stocked the dessert table in lavish fashion.chriscaitkendallco cake32 33 34Chris & Caitlyn, we are beyond happy for you, may God bless you with many happy years and so many more adventures together.

Josh & Jodi {married}

Laughter poured out of the bridal suite as the sun broke through the clouds on Josh and Jodi’s wedding day. Jodi was getting ready with her bridesmaids and mom on hand and every moment was bursting with readiness. Just down the hall Josh prepared for the day – both waiting eagerly for the moment they would finally see each other.lang6 lang7lang28 lang29 lang30 lang5 lang4When every detail was in place Jodi left to meet her groom at Whitetail Country Club – his reaction was a little teary and their mutual joy at the days events to come was all that was on their minds. Their wedding party joined them and the day only got better.lang8 lang20 lang11 lang3 lang2 lang1 lang24 lang22 lang25lang26 lang9lang19 lang10 lang12After a heart-felt ceremony, the couple stole out to the bridge for a few more photos together before returning to their guests and dancing the night away. lang13 lang15 lang16 lang17 lang18Josh & Jodi, thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of your day! It was truly an honor and absolutely perfect. {for more on Josh & Jodi’s love story, click on over here}lang31

Vendors: Bridal Suite – The Hampton Inn, Yorkville IL

Wedding/Reception – Whitetail Ridge Golf Club, Yorkville IL

Cake – The Cakery, North Aurora IL

Photography – Pulse Photography & Design