Ryan & Jessica {married}

Light streamed through the window of the bridal suite at the James Hotel, but all was silent as the bride and her attendants had not yet arrived from the salon. Jessica’s dress hung from the mirror, beautiful flowers – hand crafted by the bride – and perfectly coordinated accessories all lay in readiness; each detail evidence of a great eye and careful planning.deets dressThen laughter began to drift down the hallway and in mere seconds the room was filled with the bridal party – and joy – so much joy! Jessica slipped into her dress with her mother and maid of honor’s help. Jessica’s other attendants gathered around as she finished preparing surrounding her with support and a few well-timed jokes. Laughter, anticipation, lots of hugs and a few teary eyes here and there and the bride was ready for her groom! 7104 7120 7146 7165 1717Just before she was whisked out the door to the limo waiting outside, Jessica opened her gift from Ryan – a bracelet and set of beautiful charms – but she opened a little note/cartoon first. As she unrolled the paper she looked up and said, “I guarantee it’s a drawing!” seconds later, prediction proven accurate, she was surprised to see 4 small boxes in addition to her ‘illustration.’ Ryan even included a tiny owl – her favorite animal! gift 7180While the girls readied at the James, Ryan, his brother and other groomsmen prepared at his childhood home. Ryan, his mother and siblings share a deep, loving connection and it’s easy to understand how he and Jessica have created such a remarkable relationship with each other. Their wedding day a beautiful back drop for their love and connection.s1The Schram Chapel was overflowing with friends and family. Once again each aspect of the interior was careful arranged and hand-crafted by the bride with the help of her father. After arriving at the chapel Jessica’s father shared a few tender moments with her as he laid eyes on his beautiful daughter for the first time that day.S2ceremonyRyan’s eyes were just as soft as he saw his bride for the first time – Jessica you are deeply loved by the men in your life!7296S3Not to be outside of the moment when he handed their daughter to Ryan, Jessica’s father looked back at her mother. A moment any parent can understand in a heartbeat – love – pride – joy – mixed with just a little nostalgia at this next step in life.731973527349S47480A sweet kiss in a shower of bubbles and cheers and Mr. & Mrs. Standridge joined their wedding party for toasts and a few photos!limo S6 S5 7558 7736 7794 S17 7604Ryan & Jessica had a truly talented videography team we were priviledged to work with for their wedding day, Luis did an incredible job directing memorable moments for the entire wedding party! 7825 7541 S7 7555 7713 S16 S18 S12 S11 S8 S9 S10 S13 S15 S14 7791 7652 7681After a few last quiet moments for the day Ryan & Jessica emerged to the exuberant cheers of the guests on the Empress banquet hall. Once again Jessica and her father outdid themselves in exquisitely hand-crafted centerpieces and many other personal touches – every corner glowed with candles, flowers and gems.jessreceptnS19S20Ryan & Jessica shared a tender first dance after which Jessica was joined on the dance floor by her father – who had another surprise for her – he sang!jessdance jessdaddance thanksjessnryRyan & Jessica, thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of your day – it was stunning! We wish you the very best and many, many happy years ahead of you!


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