Jim & Traci {engaged}

Jim & Traci are a couple whose depth of true affection and appreciation for each other spills out of every small smile, side-long glance and inside joke. They met as the result of a ‘last ditch effort’ to make a bad experience with match.com worth it’s money before canceling it. An effort both are deeply thankful for! jnt_3For their engagement session Traci wanted to take me on a little walk through their ‘favorites’ in downtown Geneva on 3rd street. We met at Graham’s 318 – the site of their first really ‘official’ date. They quietly sipped cocoa and shared little bits of that first meeting with me. jnt jnt_2Jim chuckled and said he was so excited to meet this radiant, beautiful woman the first time, that he prepped a list of questions on his phone just so he wouldn’t bore her if he became too tongue-tied. He still has the list!!! I forgot to slow my shutter down, but even with the lame black lines (sorry guys!) it made me smile and I wanted to include it in their story.jnt4 jnt_6After finishing their cocoa, they led me across the street to Fiora’s, the Italian restaurant where Jim proposed. I asked him what he was most attracted to in her and of course he said her beauty and style, but also her compassionate nature, humor and intelligence. Clearly, he’s a very intelligent, perceptive man!jnt_10 jnt_9 hnt_7Traci just smiled when I asked her how Jim proposed, she said he wasn’t very subtle and she totally saw it coming, but still was speechless when he dropped to his knees. Jim added a characteristic quiet laugh and said, he didn’t hear her answer so he worriedly asked her a second time to make sure. jnt_8Traci confessed that she knew he was ‘the one’ after their first date – she was immediately drawn to his kind, open nature. He’s honest, intelligent and truly values his faith. He also has great eyes! Fun fact: Jim is a killer electric guitarist and part of a great band.jnt_12 jnt_11We enjoyed strolling up and down 3rd street until dusk, even catching a few photos as the street lights came on. jnt_13jnt_14 jnt_15 jnt_16 jnt_17 Jim & Traci, it was such an honor to hear a bit of your story and watch the love you carry for each other.  We are so thankful for the chance to be a part of that ongoing story on your Wedding Day!!!


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